Getting More from JIRA Software


This course focuses on the Agile project team. Project Managers and Product Owners learn how to turn customer feedback into a well organized backlog and how to ensure that estimation statistics are giving them the information they need.

Scrum masters and board admins learn how to configure boards to meet all project requirements, regardless of the complexity of the project. Developers learn how to use and log time against sub-tasks. The entire team experiences the benefits of JIRA Software’s integration with development and collaboration tools, for the purpose of monitoring sprints and planning releases. They also learn how to maximize JIRA’s reporting capabilities.

Duration:  7 hours
Level:  Intermediate


  • Given a set of requirements, create and configure a Kanban board
  • Given a Kanban board and a set of Support requirements, use swimlanes and quick filters to implement the requirements
  • Given a set of requirements for supporting a larger scale project, create and configure boards to implement the requirements
  • Given a set of reporting requirements, select the correct JIRA Agile report for displaying appropriate data


Experienced JIRA Agile users, JIRA administrators, agile project/program managers, scrum masters, software development project owners and developers – Applies to JIRA Software.


  • Getting Started with JIRA Agile/Software (or equivalent experience)
  • Basic working knowledge of JIRA Software


  • Use JIRA Agile boards to support Agile project management
  • Create and configure a board to satisfy specific business requirements
  • Use multiple boards and filters to satisfy specific user requirements
  • Support larger scale projects using JIRA Agile boards and functionality
  • Use JIRA Agile reports to inform project decisions

Setup Requirements

Students use an individual virtual lab machine for hands-on exercises. This requires access to a fast broadband Internet connection with a capable computer.

Please review the Technical FAQ sections page here.