How we Think

Think&Do is a dedicated training team focused entirely on Atlassian training. Our strengths lie in the quality of our delivery and the quality of our people.  At Think&Do, we do training and we do it well.

From the early days in 2006, Think&Do have worked closely with the entire team at Atlassian.  At that time, Think&Do’s Head of Delivery and co-founder, Emma Rush, started working as a developer on one of the first Apps for Confluence. As the use of Jira, Confluence and the full suite of developer tools grew exponentially and organizations needed assistance in their use of the Atlassian applications, Emma has helped organizations to set up their environments and make the most out of their business-critical products.

Enablement is a big part of our ethos at Think&Do, for both Jira and Confluence. Building on her experience in technical education and training, Emma started to set up training programs for global partners to help teams work independently. From there, she has continued to work closely with Atlassian University to build and deliver their full training program for Jira and Confluence.

Emma continues to build on this experience to provide a unique insight into the confluence of installation, configuration and the training and onboarding of Atlassian products.

At Think&Do, we’re very proud to have delivered Jira and Confluence training at every Summit and Roadshow where training was available and have also delivered Certification training to Atlassian partners in Europe and Asia.  We’re excited to be delivering training at Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas this year too.

Our delivery team are first and foremost teachers; we are qualified and tenured educators. We combine our passion for Atlassian products and enablement to build Atlassian specific training programs that will enable your team to onboard and upskill quickly and efficiently.